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love what you do…

Woke up this morning, contemplating my emotional ups and downs.  As I sat in my meditation, trying to let it all go, this is what came to me…”Figure out what you love, and do it A LOT!” Such a simple concept…but why is it so hard to comply with.  Obligations, internal demands of yourself, laziness, fear or being happy?  It is totally possible.  I have lost myself a little bit in the last year devoting so much time to my day job and not enough time to myself.  Not used to being married and having to devote a piece of me to my husbands demands, and not come off so selfish when I just want some me time.  Life is too short, do what you love!

Around the back hug photo of me hugging my husband. Happiness!

So I figured some of you out there might be feeling the same way, now let’s put some actions out there to do something about it.

  1. Make a list, I love lists. If  you hate lists, DO NOT DO IT. Use post-its, texts, or emails. Whatever you love that is the theme.  The list should contain what you love to do, not what you have to do.
  2. Put a date or day next to each item on the list that you are going to do this thing you love – if you are more digital, put it in your mobile device calendar with a big fat time block and reminder. if you are more visual, get a post it and put it on the door you come in and out of most. Whatever it takes to remember to do it!
  3. Check yourself! At the end of each day you have something marked that you love and you have done…acknowledge it!  Be thankful for giving yourself this lovely gift and making yourself happy.

If I outlined any more than three steps I would not do it. So it’s that simple.  Rinse and repeat, week of week. Let me know if you are trying this out and how it is going and I will update you on my progress as well.


Kareen’s Love List 10/07/2012:

  • What: Shaking my ass to a great beat. When: Everyday
  • What: Hugs from and hugging my husband. When: Everyday
  • What: Exercise Walks. When: Saturday and Sunday
  • What: Workouts at dfit. When: Tuesday and Thursday
  • What: pintrest pinning. When: On my commute in and out of work.
  • What: Cook a great meal. When: Sunday night
  • What: Call/Spend time with a great friend and laugh a lot. When: Monday

Feel free to share your lists with me!

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