Appreciation and Gratuity

It has been a week since we arrived back home from our 10 day vacation on the West coast,  just in time for Hurricane Sandy.  After I made my jokes in my head about the fact that the hurricane is named after my mother in law, I realized the potential severity of this time in the tri-state area, and we got prepared.  Ran out got wood, food, water, batteries, put all the lawn furniture away, cleared the basement in expectation for a flood, and waited.  The winds came, the rain came, trees started to sway and rattled.  The power to the house flickered a bit, but stayed steady through the worst of it. I could not sleep the night of the storm, worried that the big trees around our house might snap and break through the roof of our house. Finally able to sleep, woke up to find a bunch of wild turkeys grazing in our neighbors yard next door. We still had power!  There was no flood in the basement!  We are one of the fortunate ones.  Turn on the news and hear all the devastation across the coast line of NJ. NY had no power south of 34th street.  NY, the city that never sleeps, was half in the dark.  Staten Island was under siege and all you see is wreckage and people’s sunken faces from their spirit being crushed by the waves.

Part of me felt immobilized because I could do nothing but virtually offer my help and check on family and friends.  I worked from home because most of my colleagues from work had no power or were blocked from entering the city.  I am grateful that no one I know has been hurt or lost all their belongings in the wake of the storm.  Now we are a midst a gas shortage and people are getting anxious  that they can not get to work, or to the store if they have no gas.  And not to let my inner anxiety take over, I remind myself how lucky we are not to be harmed by this event. I remind myself that my family is safe and sound and able to call me when they want because I have power. I am able to shower, make food, and take my dogs on walks to get us all out of the house.  So many friends have been displaced, one family had to go as south as VA to find some peace through the storm, and I sit here able to write this post and am grateful.

I worked all week from here, checking in with team members, managing the crisis situation from a far to help our company keep the business running.  Wish I could have done more, but did what I could.  Tomorrow will be the first day back into the city and hope people’s spirits are lifted now that power has been restored back to NY and most parts of NJ.  Next step is to figure out how I can help those who lost everything and are completely displaced.

Every night I thank the universe for all my blessings, and look forward to the ones to come.  Things are replaceable, people are not.

Interested in Donating to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: sit here appreciating my circumstances and am grateful for all that I have.  I wish peach of mind on those who are suffering from this event, and have faith that we will resume normalcy in time.

Red Cross

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