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be inspired….

Yesterday I was watching the Sunday morning show that my husband loves to watch and now I can’t remember the name of…anyway, featured on the show was Nick Vujicic. Nick is a man that was born with no arms or legs and has strong faith in God.  As I watched the interview with him and all that he has achieved for himself, I was inspired.  I immediately downloaded his book Unstoppable onto my ipad.

What struck me is his positive nature and faith that God has a plan for him and aids him every step of the way.  His spirit and attitude help me realize that each day is a blessing.  I sometimes box myself in.  When I have too much time in my own head, I can create a world of self doubt, pity, and depression.  I know that if I don’t make a plan for myself each day, that I will fall into a couch potato lifestyle where I eat whatever I want and don’t care about what’s going on in the world around me. Why is that?  I have a blessed live. I am so capable of so many things, yet I let the outside world and my head get me down sometimes.

I was laid off in November 2012.  This is a position I have never been in. I always left companies on my own terms.  I am usually the person they hire to come in and clean up bad situations or push change, and now I am the one being downsized.  I have to tell you my first reaction was YAY!!!  The time at the company I was with was very intense, stressful, and demanded so much of my time, I lost myself. I gained 15 lbs in a year. I stopped caring about how I looked or dressed, and I was starting to get negative inside, while putting up a positive front.  That is not me!  I think this was the best way for me to leave gracefully, and also bought me some time to take care of me.  Hence the cleanse I am on to kick off 2013 with a more conscious and healthy mind. What a blessing to have the time to do this!

It is now 6 weeks since that change occurred. I job hunt each day. I go on interviews, and I am trying my best to find the right next step for me.  I have had my highs and lows through this process, but then I see someone like Nick. Who has an unprecedented amount of faith and has achieved so much with what God has given him, I am inspired.  It reminds me to stay strong in my belief that the universe or God, whatever you want to call it, will always respond to what you put out there. Every night, I am thankful for the blessings I have, and look forward to those to come.  In an age of constant technical interruptions/distractions, it is refreshing to read a book and be moved by a person’s life.  It reminds me to get from behind my computer/phone/ipad, and live.

What inspires you?


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