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the next 20 years…

This week’s crazy roller coaster in Boston, MA has really got me thinking about what the next 20 years are going to be like as my husband and I start family planning and hope to bring our own kids into this world.  It makes me anxious to think that there is so much terror around, and no where is really safe.  It never used to feel like this in the US, but the last few years have lead us to a place where we start to question where the sane people are, and why has it become so hard to connect and have a solid community where there is no risk for someone coming around and shooting our kids up or planting bombs at large health based events like a marathon, just because they can.  My family is from Middle Eastern decent and escaped war back in the 70’s to raise their kids in a safer place. I sometimes wonder if I would have had a life if they stayed there.  Growing up, war stories were always in the background and the fear of losing the relatives who still live there.  Being so many miles away from that activity, you are numb to the reality of the what people go through when there is a cloud of daily terror over their heads. When you didn’t want to deal, you could just turn off the TV.  And now, in the US, it feels like we are in a similar space, it is just not happening as often as it does in other countries, but it is happening enough to shake us up.  I know media sensationalizing the fear and anxiety, and now with hand held devices, it is really hard to escape the news.  So, how can you avoid absorbing all the negativity going on out there?

Where is the humanity in all of this?  We have to believe that good will prevail, and I know we are strong enough to overcome.  I also know generations before me have been managing through such events, and generations ahead will not be shielded from it.  I am fortunate that in each US terrorist event over the past few years my friends and family have come out of it unharmed, and I am grateful for that.  I learned from a young age, being born into a family that escaped war, you have to appreciate each day to the fullest because you never know if tomorrow will come.  My husband and I are are still going to pursue our dream of having kids, and the best I can do for them is teach them wrong from right, and how to love and care for those around them.  There will be times of loss and fear in their lives, and all I can promise them is to be there for them, talk to them about it, love them through it, and teach them to have faith that good will prevail. We can’t control the crazy in others, but we can control how we chose to react to it, and what we digest about such heinous acts.

My heart goes out to all the people in Boston who have suffered at the hands of ignorance this week; to all the college kids that were away from their families as they bonded with their friends to stay safe and wait out this nightmare; to all the parents watching from a distance reaching out to their kids ensuring they are safe and protected; and I pray that we don’t see more of this in days, months, and years to come.

These candles represents the light I wish for you when times seem dark, to remember their is hope, we are strong, and life is too short to take it for granted.  Sending you love and hope, today is amazing, don’t take it for granted!

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