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spring cleaning with a health focus…

Finally!  We have had consistent days of sunshine here in the NY metro area, and I could not be happier!  I have self diagnosed myself with Sun Deficiency Disorder (SDD).  Basically I am a total depressed mess if I don’t get a glimpse of the sun for more than a day.  I do my best to maintain it.  Taking my vitamin D and occasional visit to the tanning booth to simulate the sun helps me get through the non-sunny days, but now that the sun is here, I am a happy camper!

Time to do some spring cleaning.  Even though my house could use it, this type of spring cleaning is about my mind, body, and spirit, not just cleaning up the closets and yard.  Since this past winter was extremely long for me, I have had an emotional roller coaster trying to find my happy place.  And if you read my last post, I am working to get over myself.  Which I have done well this past week, I did not sweat the small stuff!  (Proud pat on the back).  My two main areas for spring cleaning this season is going to be the cobwebs in my mind around the motivation to workout, and the excess clutter of unhealthy snacks I keep shoving into the back of the closet which is my metaphor for my mouth and hips!

Two tools/practices I am looking to use to help me wit my cleaning are: My Fitness Pal and acupuncture sessions by Dr. Heather Jeney.

A little bit about My Fitness Pal and why I think it is going to help me start to clean and keep my body clean.  This app allows me to track what I eat throughout the day, including my fitness, and calculates everything for me to assist me in reaching my weight loss goals.  I am in for a long term commitment on this one, so to have an app that is FREE to help me manage it all on the go, will help me keep my mind and body in check.  My favorite part of the app is the bar-code scan.  As a vege head, I tend to use products that are not in standard databases for food journal so the bar-code scan really helps me get my products in faster than putting in the nutritional information from the packaging.  Will let you know how I do using this app over time.  If you start to use it, please let me know, we can connect through the app and encourage each other.

My second secret weapon for my spring cleanse is my great friend Dr. Heather Jeney.  She just recently opened a integrative health practice in Montclair, NJ that I am so excited about.  I have had two acupuncture sessions so far with Heather focused on pre-conception health and stress management, and I can’t tell you how uplifted I feel after each one.  I am so lucky to have such a skilled friend so close by.  If you are in this area, have kids or trying to have kids, she is an amazing doctor to have in your roster of health support.  I am benefiting most by my sessions with Heather is the stress management and ability to meditate while pinned up to let the negative go. I  leave my sessions lighter and focused on what uplifts me, not brings me down.  I have not had this type of mental cleanse in a long, long time.  So grateful to have it back and will continue to work with Heather on my mental healing.

My whole life has been a weight management roller coaster, and my main nemesis is stress.  My hope in using these tools and being more conscious about my actions, while letting go what does not work for me, will help me reach my health goals.  Would love to hear about your health tips and tricks, please do not hesitate to share them with me.  I will keep you posted on my journey, in case it might inspire one of you to do your own internal spring cleaning this season.  Just know you are not alone, and there is so much out there to explore to find what is right.  That is part of the health journey we are all on.

Cheers to your health!

..now going to down my smoothie and go workout!  Calories logged: 372, potential calories lost with turbo jam kick boxing workout: 656 (seriously! this why working out pays off.)

Additional tools for at home workouts:

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