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the holstee manifesto…

Today on a copy of the Holestee Manifesto is for sale. I bought one.  You might already be aware of this manifesto, but the message could not have come to me at a more perfect time.


I love how encouraging it is to go after you dreams.  Most of us are at a crossroads of something at any given time.  A lot of the time we let fear stop us from going after what we want and keep running in the same hamster wheel thinking some day…some day I will be who I am meant to be….some day I will be content and live my dreams….some day I will be thin enough…some day I will give back to the community like I had hoped…some day I will find the time to connect with those I love on a deeper level….some day I will fall in love…some day, some day, some day…

What about today?? What about right now??  I have decided to hold myself accountable and stop saying to myself, I know better, I should be doing better.  And just try each day to do something that will get me closer to a healthier life and achieve my dreams.

Reading this manifesto is encouraging, because I know I have all the talent, support, and means to achieve what I want. I let my head and my warped sense of responsibility get in the way of taking the risk, living my passion, and reaping the reward.

Thanks to the Radparvar brothers Mikl and Dave’s documentation of their own manifesto, I am inspired to follow their words of encouragement and can’t wait to see what happens next.  Will be sure to continue to share my journey with you.  If any of you reading my blog implemented a healthy change in your life based on reading this manifesto, please share it with me. Would love to be inspired by your stories too.  Cheers to your health!  Mine is about to change for the better…

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