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keeping it in check…

Happy Holidays!


Christmas week is here, which means lots of time with the family and New Years resolutions are around the corner.  As you might know me a little better after reading my blog, you know I don’t wait until the end of the year to try and change my habits, I tackle them right there and try to move on.  However some of my change management requires me to keep things in check. So in stead of a New Years resolution list, I am going to list the things I plan to focus on in 2014 to keep myself in check.

  1. Health: Use myfitnesspal and fitbit force to keep myself in check.  Just having the consciousness of my calorie intake and movement throughout the day is helping me keep conscious on my actions.  Need to stay consistent in using these tools in 2014 to help me reach my goals.
  2. Finances: Decrease online shopping when bored and keep my credit cards at home at lease 2 weeks of a given month to avoid unnecessary spending. Before spending more than $150 at a time, think about making a charitable donation instead to keep myself in check. (Don’t really need it, Kareen.)
  3. Mind: Pick up the phone or schedule a face to face meeting with people who inspire me. Share what I have learned,  and continue to learn from their experiences. Inquire about what keeps them on top of their game. One way I will keep myself in check in January:  Conduct a Meet Up Session for NYC Agile/Lean Practitioners:  Managing Non-Collocated Teams in an Agile Framework. Meet ups tend to non only help me learn new things, but allows me to connect with people I would not have a chance to meet otherwise.
  4. Spirit: Meditate with an open heart, and continue to protect my heart when I don’t think things are quite right, use my words, and change the situation. How will I keep this one in check? Emotions are sometimes hard to manage.  Came up with a spirit scorecard: lovequestions

I think 4 things to keep in check is plenty for 2014!  Of course you will hear about how I am doing as I blog more into the year and share my experiences with you.  I want to wish each of you an amazing holiday season and hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for!  I am grateful for all your support and interest in my life’s journey and hope to connect on a deeper level with you in years to come.


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