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celebrating mom…

This mother’s day take the time to thank your mom, or any mom you know for who they are!  Ignore the faults, forgive them and just love them, because they are the hardest working people out there.  Mom’s can’t resign from their job. It’s 24×7.  If you have not seen this ad, it is a perfect example of all we ask our mom’s to do.  For all those who have accepted this position unconditionally, I thank you.

Me and SuzThis mother’s day I have the honor of spending it with my sister, who is the mother of my beautiful niece.  Seeing the shift in my sister’s life trying to juggle it all is amazing to me.  She digs deep and finds a way to make sure her daughter is loved, safe, and happy!  I know she is sacrificing some of herself to make sure her daughter has everything and the bond they are building is unbreakable. She is an amazing woman and manages so much in her life, I hope to be as good of a mother as she is one day.

I also have close friends that are amazing mom’s that balance their careers, and a sense of self along with all their maternal commitments to their families.  These are some of the strongest women I know.  I have some friends who are becoming mom’s for the first time, and I can only imagine the joy and anticipation they have toward their new arrivals.

Super Moms!

And then there is my mom.  I have learned a lot from my mom.  And I know she has also learned a lot from me.  My mom is an explorer at heart and always looks to find ways to expand her heart and give to others.  She has been an amazing role model for my sisters and I to follow through on what we want out of life, and make sure no one gets in our way.  She is always there when we need her, and has welcomed many of our friends into her home.  It is a growing relationship that I am sure will blossom once I have children of my own.  I am a doggie-mom right now, and hope to have the privilege of being called “Mom” in the near future.

My Mom!

I try to do my best to make sure my mom knows I love her and that the lessons I have learned from her are put into action in my life.  I know life sometimes gets in the way from us seeing each other, and in her mind, the time we do have together is never enough, but that is a mother’s love.  One of the things I learned from my mother that I am grateful for is to lead by example, I will always be grateful for that.

If you have not done so already, look to your mom or a mom in your life, and recognize the extended efforts they make to ensure those they love are taken care of. I wish all of you the best mother’s day!!

Cheers to your health!

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