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My focus this week is to declutter and get our house back in order after we have reworked the two rooms we live in the most: living room and kitchen/dining. I realized not having the ability to complete simple tasks like entering a room to put something away has created clutter and chaos, not only in the other parts of the house, but also my mind. I like to keep things simple. I like simple routines. I find if it isn’t simple, I don’t stick with it, or it shuts me down. Sometimes I try to shift it so it becomes simple and reaps the same reward. I also have no problem letting things go. Decluttering and organizing my space and mind allows room for the important things to enter and occupy my time. It helps me prioritize and live healthier.
I find when I am feeling out of control, it is because I have made things to complex. Said yes to too many things that clutter my life. Letting go helps me focus, allows me to be efficient.

Things I have done/will do to gain efficiency:
1. Incorporated a simple nutrition program to fuel my body and not stress about what/when I have to eat.
2. Declutter my closet to make it easy to  put an outfit together and get to where I need to be.
3. Clean up my home office. File what needs to be filed, shred the rest.
4. Create a schedule, ensure I use my time wisely.
5. Meditate. It helps me put things in perspective and focus on what is important.

That’s it. That’s plenty. That’s simple.
What do you do to keep it simple and gain efficiency?

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