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the I in integral…

This is a note to myself that I thought I would share and see if it resonates with others. It represents the impact of the 5 day Integral Agile Wizardry Certification bootcamp I attended in CA this past week.

The I in Integral

Embrace it. The power within.

Love it. The limitless connection you can have with yourself and others.

Taste it. The sweet victory of knowing deep down you are whole and juicy.

Face it. Yourself as you are mirrored in others.

Erase it. The pain that creates doubt and shields us from believing how others appreciate us.

Feel it. Your heart pumping with adrenalin each time you connect with the gift you are and how it impacts the world.

Empower it. Your true spirit to shine through.

Own it. Your moves, your touch, your actions, your love.

Share it. You, all of you.

-Kareen Walsh
Integral Agile Wizard

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