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new year intention…



Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015!

What is your intention for this year?  I like this word so much better than resolution. When you set an intention for yourself, you can walk in it every day, and focus on how you can put that intention into action. Resolutions have had such a negative connotation to them because people tend not to follow through our set such limiting ones that don’t serve them.  There are so many ways to kick off your year with a true intention. I thought I would share some of the exercises I use to kick off the new year and make sure I am clear on my intention. It is the common thread I will use through my actions in 2015.

Pick a word, any word…

An inspirational friend, Cara Lemon, paraphrased an article to help set your intention for 2015 with the following statement: “Instead of writing out a long list of New Year’s resolutions, choose a single word that will be your north star for the year, and let the change you seek and your focus be guided by that value/idea/theme.” LOVE THIS!

Here are some words to consider:

  • curiosity
  • transformation
  • courage
  • compassion
  • ease
  • balance
  • wholeheartedness
  • authenticity
  • impact
  • self-reliant
  • loving
  • etc.

So of course, it is hard for me to pick just one. My thread for 2015 and beyond can be encapsulated into three words: Unleash · Empower · Evolve. After thinking about it, I realize all fall under the word TRANSFORMATION. When I think about my intention for 2015, it is to continue to transform into the person I am meant to be and help others do the same.  What is your word?

Note to self…

I wanted to make my intention clear for 2015, and embody the emotion I hope to feel a year from now. So this year, my husband and I did an exercise I would like to share with you. We wrote letters to ourselves on New Years Day (1/1/2015) that we plan to read to ourselves on 1/1/2016. This may be hard at first to do, but totally worth it!

2016 – Intention Letter – Note to Self


Here is how the process works:

  1. Get some paper, an envelope, and your favorite pen! And sit in a place you can focus on yourself.
  2. To get ready start to think about finishing the following statements in a letter to yourself a year from now:
    • What an amazing year, I am so proud of you for ___________. (elaborate)
    • When you overcame ________, you had such an impact on your life and inspired others to do the same.
    • You managed to ________. What an amazing achievement!
    • OMG! Look what you accomplished!
    • Example: “Kareen, I am so proud of you for all the time you took in 2015 to ensure others had the transformation they were seeking and were able to impact the world in such a positive way!”
  3. Areas to consider:
    • Family
    • Health/Fitness
    • Relationships
    • Financial Status
    • Home Life
    • Career/Business Goals
    • Spirituality
    • Adventures/Travel
  4. When ready, start to write yourself a letter that highlights all that you accomplished in 2015 and how impressed you are with yourself for overcoming obstacles, achieving your goals, evolving into the person you plan to be. Keep writing page after page until you feel you have said enough to encompass all that you want to occur in 2015.
    • Side note: As I was writing my letter, I had a sticky note pad next to me, and when things came up that I wanted to remember as part of my intention, I wrote those words on the sticky notes. If you are into doing vision boards, this is a great exercise to help guide what you want reflected on your vision board. (more in the next section of this post)
  5. When done, fold up the letter, put it in a sealed envelope, seal it and put it in a place that you will remember to open on 1/1/2016.

If you do this exercise, please share what the experience was like for you. I really enjoy hearing from you!

Materializing your vision…

This has been a work in progress that I continue to build upon and develop. Take images that resonate with you and the life you want for yourself and make a collage.  Put your intention of 2015 all over it. Then place it somewhere you can look at every day!! I used some of the words that resonated with me from the letter writing to find the images I wanted and printed them out. This exercise will help you materialize your vision in your life. Especially if images speak louder to you than words.

Here is mine…(images subject to change as we progress through 2015)

2015 Vision Board for Kareen Walsh
2015 Vision Board for Kareen Walsh


All of these exercises are for YOU! The more you think about your intention for the year, and come clear on what you want, the easier it will be to act on it and also attract it into your life. It will be easier to minimize distractions and help you focus if you are spreading yourself too thin. I am very excited for 2015 and all that is about to occur. I wish each of you the very best!!

Cheers to your health!

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