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message received…

As I am assessing what I could be doing better to service my clients and keep my team motivated on hitting their goals, I always ask, am I doing enough? Am I learning enough?  What else should I explore to give the best of myself to others and allow them to build a strong foundation to propel forward and scale. I then make sure I look back. I have to remind myself how far I have come and what I have altered in order to be a strong foundation for myself, my family, my clients, and strong member in society.

A few weeks ago, I stated that if you don’t take care of your health/body first, you are no good to anyone else.  I was brought up to take care of others before myself, and have done a lot of work to unlearn that and retrain my mind to allow my body to receive the care it deserves.  Today I received a message from Team Tony Robbins – Pyramid of Mastery – 7 Areas of Constant Growth for an Extraordinary Life.  I was so excited I had to share!! The foundation of the Pyramid is your Physical Body. Yes!! Message received.

Pyramid of Mastery

I had to take care of my health and heal my self-worth to remind myself that I matter, and am really good at helping others realize they matter too!!  I look back at photos of myself and remember what I felt even on the best days, I have always been able to let my heart shine through for others, regardless of how dim it was for myself on the inside. Helping others is a natural state for me to be in.  Then I realized if I were able to help myself first, be as strong as I can be, how many more people can I help get out of their own way!!  So, I took care of my Physical Body. My energy is through the roof!  Now I know this will be a constant effort in my life to ensure self-care in all that I do.

As an Integral Agile Coach, we are trained to understand the “I” across all areas of a working team or organizations. The “I” encompasses more than just the physical body across the Pyramid of Mastery above, but is definitely the a strong factor when I work with  my clients. I always have an eye on their health and how it is impacted by their work environment of if there are external factors affecting how they show up every day.  As a Certified Health Coach and Entrepreneur in Health in Wellness Systems, I provide an avenue to discuss and outline if there are Physical Body issues that hinder the effectiveness of their work and what they are trying to accomplish.  Working hard to gain financial success without taking care of your health results in those sad stories that as soon as one retires from a life lead this way, they have a heart attack and die.   How is that benefiting from all the hard work and years of sacrifice? When you look at the levels above the Physical Body, on the pyramid above and can imagine if any of them are weak, start to break, or are overly focused on it impacts the foundation.

I am so appreciative of Tony Robbins belief and training on awareness of the Physical Body and receiving this message today. Taking charge of mine really helps me reach my goals in all areas of my life.  The ability to help others transform their’s is such a great reward!

Cheers to your health!


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