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First off, for those of you who read my last post, we made it to Colorado! So happy to be here! Thank you for all your love and support that helped us get here with ease.

Now here is what I wanted to share today…

As you know, my tagline for my transformation is Unleash – Empower – Evolve. Two weeks ago, my husband and I attended Tony Robbins – Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in Chicago. It was a gift for his birthday to go to the event, and both focus on how to unleash who we really are and continue to share it with the world. The weekend together resulted in so much more. We are both in awe of Tony Robbins. He is a true master in his field. 38 years of doing transformation work, helping people get to the root of who they are, what their blockers are, and how to get on the other side is nothing short of AMAZING!  We were in a room with close to 7000 people and every single person was engaged. It was like going to a concert and you can’t keep your eyes off the stage. He also made sure we had a lot of ass shaking moments, which if you know me, that is my favorite thing to do!!

As someone in the transformation field, this event was epic for me. I not only learned more about what I need to focus on and enhance, but the transformation I saw in my husband was so rewarding to witness as well. Most of all hearing other people tell there story and within minutes, Tony coached them into action on how to resolve it and build on top of that. One of his core beliefs he shared with everyone is to get the help you need to master who you are in the world. I know I am one person and try to continue to grow my skill set so my clients can benefit from my work, but there is so much for me to unleash and master for my own growth. He said to get coaches, mentors, and advisers when you feel stuck and just learn and grow. Don’t settle for anything less than an Outstanding. I took that to heart. I started to question where have I been outstanding, and what areas need improvement. Where do I need help, and where can I help lift others up in areas of my own mastery? Am I am master in anything? It is amazing to take a weekend and focus on who you are and how you can empower yourself to evolve into the next level.  Always striving to learn and do more with my life, it was such a great experience.

This video is a glimpse of how powerful his intent is to unleash who we are and reduce our fears to stop living small.

My main takeaways/areas for improvement from the event are:

  •  Business Mastery – I run 3 businesses and help others run their business better. I want to up my game so I am going to increase my knowledge and tools in business. This includes: marketing, sales, finances, and growth management. I would say on a scale from Poor to Outstanding – I am doing an Excellent job here, so I am getting only Good results, accordingly to Tony. So, I have some work to do to get to an Outstanding level to get Excellent results!
  • Marital Communication Skills – The best part about attending this event with my husband is we can now communicate on a new level. We learned skills about changing out state and being able to communicate with each other on when things are going well or need a shift. Amazing skill to have in a marriage.
  • Networking with Like-Minded People – I am a relational person. I am an empathetic coach. My self awareness, and direct talk builds immediate trust in others, and this event allows me to connect with a whole new network of people I can learn from, and also assist, if given the opportunity.  When you go to courses like this, you all have a common foundation to connect over. It is pretty cool to just look at a stranger that you know who attended and just nod or high five each other because you know what they know and it is AWESOME!
  • Walking on fire ignites a fire within – Yes, we walked on fire. It was awesome! I was exhausted and had a lot of self talk…am I really going to do this, what if I burn myself, I don’t have to do this do I, what does it mean if I don’t do it, I should go back to the room, I just want to sleep…so much self talk! The best conversation I had with myself that really opened my eyes to living a smaller life than I know I am capable of pushed me to do it:
    • Question to myself: Kareen, if you back out now and not do this because you are scared of the outcome, where else is that showing up in your life?  What is the result when you walk away because something might be hard or you might be afraid?
    • Answer to myself: Huh, it is just another way not to cross the finish line and be ok with it. That is not me. I don’t want to be a half-ass. It is definitely showing up in other areas of my life where I can focus better and be outstanding. If I walk over the coals, it means I am fearless and ready for anything. I got this!


  • I walked over the coals and did not feel a thing. It felt much shorter than I thought it would be. Didn’t even feel warm on the bottom of my foot, I just walked over them like it was nothing! It was so empowering!! I am now a firewalker. “Fear does not exist where Faith does.” – Tony Robbins

This is my first chance at putting down some of my thoughts from the event, because right after the event we flew back to NJ packed up our stuff and the dogs and started our drive to CO. I know more nuggets from the weekend will come and my mastery will evolve. I do believe that if I am not healthy and of sound mind, I am not able to do an outstanding job for anyone else. I love gathering all these tools and sticking them in my tool box to enhance my practice.  I am sharing my experience to help others know getting the help, learning new skills, really helps you evolve into who you are meant to be and how you can help others in this world.  My goals are to help as many people as I can unleash who they are, feel empowered by their choices, and evolve into the best version of themselves time and time again. I know I will do that through all my business endeavors and relationships. Such an exciting time!!

If you went to UPW Chicago 2015 or at any other time and would like to connect, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I want to thank my husband for always encouraging me to be me, and supporting all the challenges I take on. So grateful for you!!

Cheers to your health!

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