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snap out of it…

Last year I posted about New Year resolution exercises to set your intentions and dream about what the new year will bring! I followed through on those actions. I wrote a letter to myself that I would open up on 1/1/2016 with high hopes that it would  encourage me to lay it all out there! Lay everything I hoped for into a 3 page letter and hope that by the turn of the year it will all be accomplished.  Result: Total disappointment, a little bit of shame, and questioning, what was I thinking to put that much determination behind the unknown. Great exercise to do at the start of the year to set your intentions, but if your year is turned up side down without your control, it might make you feel more like a failure than praised. So, I changed it up this year.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, and this permission allows me to let go and move forward when things are not going right. It is something I constantly share in my #JustDoYou work. So, I let go of the annual letter writing, it did not serve me well. If I do it again, I will write it out there and burn it so my intentions go into the universe, and instead focus on actions or activities that will keep me on track to hit my goals or change them as I learn along the way.

visionboardThis year, I will continue to do vision boards, but be more specific on my vision – what the house and car look like, places I want to travel, goals for my career, the way I want to feel and dress, will be represented on it. People I admire and want to meet. Experiences I want to have. I want it to be a full representation of the life I live and want to grow into. I created a fitness focused vision board that I have posted in my home workout area. Helps keep me motivated when I think about deviating from the plan. You can see I have a major bodycrush on Jessica Alba. 😉

snapoutofitThe second thing I have done is create a SNAP OUT OF IT JAR! This jar is full of actions to help me snap out of my lulls. Snap out of feeling like there a moments I can’t do or feel better about myself and my life. For the moments after January’s hope of new beginnings and reality sets in and the mundane occurs, that is when you use the SNAP OUT OF IT JAR!

The exercise is simple:

  1. Get a large glass jar with a sealed lid.
  2. You will need paper, pen, and scissors.
  3. Write out actions you would want to take or need in order to snap out of it!
    • Examples: “Make a delicious dinner and share it with someone you love.” “Go for a walk and take 10 deep breathes.” “Give 5 people you know a giant hug” “Call your best friend and let the bitch in you out!” “Meditate for 10 minutes” “Make an awesome playlist”actionstatements
  4. After writing a few pages of action statements, cut them into strips, fold them and put them in your jar.
  5. You are done!

You can do this exercise on your own or with  your whole family. It gets the juices flowing about how to go into action and do something that makes you feel good when things are not going quite right throughout the year. Whenever we are in the face of fear and doubt, action is the best remedy. If you do try this exercise, I would love to hear how it goes for you!  Feel free to tweet pictures of your jars to @revampologist with #snapoutofitjar #justdoyou.

Happy New Year! Make it amazing!!

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