Have you ever wondered if you were leading at an optimal level in your current role? Have you wondered the same about your direct reports and how they lead?

What would it feel like to stop guessing? Know for sure what you, your team, and your organization needs to achieve and deliver.

We can help.

Revampologist’s Executive and Leadership Coaching Approach:

ASSESSMENT | where you stand, and anything to upgrade from the top down

DEFINE LEADERSHIP STRATEGY | what fits, what doesn’t, what should be added

ACTION PLAN | get into action and coached along the way

CONTINUED PERFORMANCE EVALUATION  | to ensure impact and growth

Working with Revampologist, you will receive a hands on approach on how best to optimize your current team’s skill set from the top down. We use assessment tools, interview evaluations, and group coaching and facilitation techniques to define the management structure and leadership style required to excel in  your business and effectively support each other.

Leadership transformation comes from the desire to raise your self awareness and push yourself to be the best leader you can be in each environment you enter. 

We are Certified Practitioners of the Leadership Circle ProfileCulture Survey and Manager Edition, provided by The Leadership Circle. When applicable, we use these tools to assess the leadership effectiveness of individuals and teams; and can produce a map that plots the data collected by a 360 review to help coach leaders and groups elevate their performance.

If you are looking to scale  your business, grow your team, accelerate your throughput and/or elevate your company’s leadership effectiveness, we can help!