Impact Feedback 

Working with Kareen has truly been a blessing to our new business. We enlisted her help walking us through the launch of our new website, a process we were uncomfortable and unfamiliar with.  Her thought process and guidelines turned our launch into something we truly enjoyed and felt competent at.  Moving forward we plan to continue working with Kareen to ensure we’re doing everything to further our business that we can. Jason and I couldn’t possibly recommend her any more highly!Anna Mack Severn (The Buys)

Kareen is both process guru and professional coach all wrapped up in one.  Our organization and my leadership are stronger thanks to her. – Scott Roen (BlackRock)                        

 Kareen possesses a powerful blend of smarts, business savvy and insight which she generously dispenses to the benefit of her clients and their goals. She is an empathetic listener, a gifted interpreter, a very wise guide and an absolute pleasure to work with. – Pamela DeCesare (VC+D)

 Kareen raises the bar for overall performance from the team and our leaders. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her in order to ensure success. Her unique view and excellent communication skills enabled us to overcome our challenges and deliver. – Dan Engstrom (OFI Global)          

“Kareen is an intuitive, motivational, and inspirational coach leader.  I have taken most of the commonly known leadership profiles and the Leadership Circle 360 Survey is the most comprehensive and exhaustive of them all.  Kareen’s insights were right on target providing a more thorough understanding of my environment and the benefits/challenges associated with the leadership style that I am currently utilizing.  I am very grateful to her for coaching me through my Leadership Circle 360 Survey.”Ethan Hodges

“Kareen brought an element to light that I hadn’t seen very well before, because my results are dominated by a nearly solid splash of green at the top. She showed me the gaps. Between how I rated myself and how others see me. The big gaps are very interesting to expose and talk about. Because of my recent turmoil and fall back into the Reactive, I came away with the realization that I still have work to do with my Complying side — which used to be very strong and it’s still where I go to hide. The conversation turned toward how I ride the waves of energy I find and I refuse to be tied down as I flit from idea to idea. Kareen helped me qualify that it wasn’t so much refusal as fear at work. I tried to deflect and still she brought me back to face my fear.  What I really appreciated is that Kareen integrated those results with a holistic talk about what I’m doing and where I want to go in the near future. She asks powerful questions and is non-judgmental, so it’s really easy to talk to her.”  – Bill Johnson

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