Meet the Founder

re – vamp- {olo} – gistindividual who devotes his/her life to transformation; change agent using methods and adaptive communication to help organizations, teams and individuals achieve their goals.

Kareen Walsh is the founder of revampologist, llc. Her mission is to impact her clients by focusing on these three themes:

Unleash – Empower – Evolve.  

Kareen has taken her executive experience running strategy, operations, tech teams, delivery process management in high tech start up environments, and combined it with her coaching and leadership skills to build revampologist, llc. If you were to ask Kareen how she describers herself – she says, “I am conduit of change, plain and simple. If you want something, in any arena of your life, I am here to help you get there.”

As a transformation coach/adviser to top executives and firms, Kareen guides them to achieve their strategic vision by unleashing their innovative leadership style, empowering their teams, and evolving their product and practices to scale for high growth in their market. Her empathetic ear, ability to assess and analyze any situation, and recommend different action plans to achieve her client’s goals, is her differentiating quality. She gains trust quickly, and gets into action even faster.

Obtaining the Practitioner Certification in The Leadership Circle 360 Survey enables Kareen to isolate areas for improvement across leaders and their teams to quickly enhance their performance, and become the leaders they are meant to be.

Kareen makes sure to impart lessons learned through her years as an agile coach, leading multiple scrum teams, sprint planning, user story writing, retrospectives, product backlog management in the agile software development space from a portfolio management level. She does not like to waste time, so why should her clients?

Kareen and her Husband Jeff Walsh, recently combined forces and launched a new venture and released their first iOS App called MyGG. It is an app that helps parents manage the scheduling and tracking of their kids with their network of friends, family and caregivers with ease.

Click here for a full background and list of certifications.

If you are looking to scale your business, or have a challenge that impacts the growth of your business, please contact Kareen she loves connecting with new people!